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Trump Approval Rating Sliding Per Fox News Poll

I couldn't believe this was Fox and not the New York Times or some other liberal media outlet. You can bet this will have Trumpsters scrambling. Read through the whole poll, including Obamacare, building the wall, the presidency coming apart…


Brewski, Hockey & $10 Steak in Winnipeg

After my presentation at McNally Robinson, a fantastic bookstore in Winnipeg tonight, I went wandering the windy streets in search of food, went down stairs to Johnny G's Pub, looked a bit sketchy but I was hungry. I ended up with local pilsner on tap plus Thursday night special, steak and fettuccine for 10 I-kid-you-not bucks, and it's fantastic, perfectly cooked medium rare small  steak and very good lightly garlic-flavored pasta and I sit here with one other customer and 2 bartenders watching the Stanley Cup hockey playoff between Ottawa and Pittsburgh which is tied up and now in overtime and there are now 8 more people here plus a guy with guitar singing, talking to friendly locals, reflecting on the richness of serendipity...

Weirdly painted house in #winnipeg

Bentwood cedar box by #Haida artist Reg Davidson at #Vancouver airport

About to do radio interview at #CBC radio in #vancouver (in 15 minutes). I love the #newsroom here.

#kwakwakwakwa masks at #museumofanthropologyvancouver.

Design in Vancouver Coffee Shop

Stainless lettering, mortised into flooring, attached with stainless steel phillips head screws, Milano Coffee Roasters, Gastown, Vancouver. There are also interesting tables and benches of poured concrete. Innovative architecture/design.

Godfrey at Work on a Mermaid

This was after about half an hour with his tiny electric Stihl chain saw and Bruno's large chisel and small adze. Wonderful art -- carvings and paintings -- have flowed from him all his life. I met him on the beach in Yelapa (south of Puerto Vallarta) in 1963, and he came back with us to Mill Valley in my 1960 VW bus (see a full account of him in Builders of the Pacific Coast). Ironic that the world does not know of him. I saw a painting of a sort of skull-like head by artist Jean-Michel Basquiat that was bought by a Japanese internet billionaire for over 100 million $ last week. Godfrey's art is better than this. Go figure.
Paintings: http://www.godfreysart.com/godfreysart/Welcome/Pages/Paintings_%26_Drawings.html
Carvings: http://www.godfreysart.com/godfreysart/Welcome/Pages/Carvings_and_Sculpture.html#grid

Lloyd and Bruno

Godfrey and I drove out to visit and spend the night with Bruno and Mecea. I hadn't seen Bruno for 3 years. We had a shot of homemade calvados, then red wine with dinner of barbecued salmon with rice, yams, salad, piece of chocolate for desert. I slept on Bruno's boat, Godfrey slept in the van. The next morning Godfrey took his mini Stihl electric chainsaw and Bruno's small adze and large chisel and roughed out a mermaid on a log.

Bruno's wheelbarrow barbecue. Filets of salmon on grill, alder wood for flavor

One of Bruno' raised beds, made out of shakes, driven into ground and capped with piece of rope