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So true

Sign on wall in men's room at Brit's pub in Minneapolis last night:
"There's nothing you can do
That can't be done."

All You Need is Love, The Beatles

The times are STILL a-changin'

Mural in downtown Minneapolis by Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra and a team of 5 other artists, 60' tall, 160' wide, 5 stories tall, completed in 2015.

Brrrr! Wearing 6 layers this morning in #minneapolis

Copmobile at Minneapolis Airport

UK National Trust Seeking Ranger For Remote Island

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "#shelterpublications world headquarters. #publishi...":

Might interest one of your adventuring readers:


Could you be the National Trust’s new Farne Islands ranger?

Fed up with the rat race? With no running water and thousands of puffins as your only neighbours, a new National Trust vacancy promises the ultimate escape.

it’s a wildlife enthusiast’s dream – promising jaw-dropping sunrises, a one minute commute and one of England’s largest seal colonies on your doorstep.

This job isn’t the normal 9 to 5. Being good with PowerPoint isn’t a priority.

“We’re looking for someone with a passion for wildlife and conservation – and who wants to share that passion with others.

Applications for the position of ranger close on 7 February, 2017. To apply visit:


Injury # 163

There's a line in Hank Williams's "Why Don't You make Up Your mind," where he says "The hide's gettin' scace" (pronounced "skayce"), meaning scarce. I don't know why, but it's stuck in my mind for years. In the song he's moaning about difficulties with his girlfriend, but I've always thought of the phrase as having to do with the body getting hurt.

My latest was tearing some shoulder muscles last week. No, not again! My body feels so battered from a lifetime of activity. -- sports, carpentry, adventures. Thank god I wasn't the football star I wanted to be. Yet still -- operations on both knees, right shoulder, right wrist (carpal tunnel) and the capper, a bad broken arm a year ago--all since turning 70.

OK so I'm whining here, but I'm on an up-note. After moping and gimping around for a week, dreading another operation, visiting the doc, dealing with pain, suddenly it turned a corner. Must have been the red wine in the evenings (plus big doses of Ibuprofen). But all of a sudden I could raise my arm halfway. Yeah! I'm gonna get better. Two things to convey here:

1. You always get better. Pretty much. So no matter how deeply depressed you are when injured, it's gonna get better if you do the right stuff.

2. Don't give up. Get right back out there on that bike, surfboard, trail, slope -- maybe with more caution and care. Because you're gonna lose it if you don't use it.

#buffalo photo on wall at Mt. Tam #orthopedic clinic, Corte Madera, Calif.

'40s #bathingsuit #style #sutrobaths plunge at #oceanbeach #sanfrancisco. Photo on wall of #finalfinal #bar #sfo

"The Pursuit of Delight" -- Stewart Brand's review of Steven Johnson's Recent Seminar in San Francisco

Humanity has been inventing toward delight for a long time. Johnson began with a slide of shell beads found in Morocco that indicate human interest in personal adornment going back 80,000 years. He showed 50,000-year-old bone flutes found in modern Slovenia that were tuned to musical intervals we would still recognize. Beads and flutes had nothing to do with survival. They were art, conforming to Brian Eno’s definition: “Art is everything you don’t have to do.” It looks frivolous, but Johnson proposed that the pursuit of delight is one of the prime movers of history — of globalization, innovation, and democratization.

Image: Perforated Nassarius gibbosulus from archaeological layers dated to between 73,400 and 91,500 years ago at Taforalt. Credit: Image courtesy of d'Errico/Vanhaeren

Consider spices, a seemingly trivial ornament to food. In the Babylon of 1700 BCE — 3,700 years ago — there were cloves that came all the way from Indonesia, 5,000 miles away. Importing eastern spices become so essential that eventually the trade routes defined the map of Islam. Another story from Islamic history: when Baghdad was at its height as one of the world’s most cultured cities around 800 CE, its “House of Wisdom” produced a remarkable text titled “The Book of Ingenious Devices.” In it were beautiful schematic drawings of machines years ahead of anything in Europe — clocks, hydraulic instruments, even a water-powered organ with swappable pin-cylinders that was effectively programmable. Everything in the book was neither tool nor weapon: they were all toys.

49ers Memorobilia

At the Final Final bar in San Francisco on a rainy Saturday night. Their greatness now a distant memory.

SMALL HOMES on Its Way to Bookstores

Our 1st book in 3 years - Small Homes - The Right Size - is finished, printed, bound, and 10,000 copies are now in transit on the high seas from Hong Kong, due in US bookstores mid-March. We got 10 advance copies via airmail. I'm taking 2 of them to the Winter Institute, put on by The American Booksellers Association Jan 27-30 in Minneapolis, leaving Friday.

Shameless Commerce Dept.: 30% Discount on All Shelter Books until February 23rd 2017