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Fort Ross, Recreated Russian Fort on NorCal Coast

Last week Yogan and I spent an hour exploring the Fort Ross State Historic Park, a masterful re-creation of the Russian Fort built on the Northern California coast in 1812. The Russians brought down Native Alaskan hunters who speared sea otters from seal skin kayaks. Most of the hunters came from the Kodiak Islands and their kayaks, spears, and hunting techniques were extraordinary (more on this later).

If you are ever driving up the Northern California coast, I highly recommend going to this site.

Here is the chapel (star of the show), metal shop, and wood shop. Roofing on these buildings consisted of 2 layers of long planks, laid with the cracks in the top layer over the centers of the under layer.

Perfectly Proportioned Little California Farm Building

On the Skagg's Springs Road in Mendocino County, California, last Friday. This is one of those humble farm buildings that stop me in my tracks. Everything looks right. Too bad architects so seldom incorporate the beauty of simplicity, practicality, and economy in their creations.

Dome of Sticks and Branches

Hello Lloyd,
Last Sunday I was walking with my wife and dog (legal doggie trail) in the Marin Headlands and came across this fun looking shelter. You’ve may have already seen it but it caught my eye amongst the trees.
Dan (Pingaro)

Great Article on Big Wave Rider Laird Hamilton

Check out the videos, especially the first one, at Teahupoo, gnarliest wave in the world, and the 3rd one where he shoots the pier on a big day at Malibu. Whew!
From Wonder Serra