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Selling the City Condo And Now Living On A 42' Salmon Trawler in British Columbia

Hi Lloyd,

Julie May is a 42' salmon trawler built in 1968, at Port Alberni Engineering on Vancouver Island. The boat was commissioned by Peter Mayede, a Ucluelet BC fisherman, who fished the boat off the west and north coast of Vancouver Island for the next 30 years.
Julie May was then sold to Lyle McMurdo, a retired logging company engineer, who spent the next eight years converting it to a live aboard yacht. Lyle was meticulous and exacting and did a wonderful job of following the original lines of the boat and converting her to pleasure boat use.

Jude Brooks and I bought Julie May about eight years ago, having finally decided to give in to a life long ambition to live full time on the water. We had previously built and lived in an 800 sq ft float house but, had moved to the city and really did try to join the rest of our generation, buying a condo and working full time. That lasted about a year, but the real estate market in Victoria BC was booming right along at that time, and the sale of the condo financed the purchase of Julie May.
More photos and text:

My Bedroom in the Trees Last Night

More to follow on Foster Huntington's unique tree houses. It was in the high 80's yesterday and Foster and I went swimming first in a swimming hole in the Washougal River, then in the mighty Columbia.

Old Train Station in McMinnville, Oregon

Small Town (Oregon) Small Home Symmetry

Bilateral symmetry includes the landscaping. I would bet that the owner of this house is very orderly.

Tonight in A Treehouse

Foster Huntington and his 4X4 Toyota camper truck were featured in Tiny Homes on the Move. Turns out that:
1. Foster's treehouse is pretty close to Portland so I'm on my way there now to hang out and spend the night before flying home tomorrow.
2. Serendipitously, this article on him appeared in yesterdays NY Times (with great photos by Kyle Johnson):

Weather has been really hot. I've been swimming in the Willamette River every day. It turns out to be a pretty clean river, cool (maybe 65 degrees) in 85 degree air temp.

Abandoned Home Near Independence, Oregon

Nicely designed old home. Note the way the plane of the roof extends to form the porch roof. A stairway led to two upstairs bedrooms. There was a brick fireplace.

When I go inside places like this, I can feel the lives that were lived within.

Old homes designed like this show the cluelessness of almost all homes designed these days by architects.