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Rainy Night in Canada

I pulled into Courtenay,
Was raining and getting dark…
Friday night on my book trip to Vancouver Island.
Went to Serious Coffee for caffeine, wi-fi, town orientation. It's good to get away from SF/LA/NYC etc. sophisticated areas. Courtenay's a pretty real town. Real people. Refreshing. Got nice motel room, started looking for music venues…Whistlestop Pub…well, yeah-uh. I lucked out. Big place, multi-levels. sat at bar, great beer, great food…what type music they gonna play, I asked bartender. "Sorta rockish…"
Lead guitar player probably 60 y.o., other guys young. They did covers -- Dylan, Credence, some better than others. Then they did the Beatles' If I Fell In Love, the drummer singing John's lines, and it was stunning. I don't know if the band even knew what was happening, but they were channeling this great song from 50 (!) years ago; it was perfect…

Food Market on Granville Island

Granville Island is a public market across a narrow stretch of water from downtown Vancouver. Lots of tourists, yes, but it's solid. Everything there seems to be of high quality, not the usual krap you see at street fairs. The food market is the best I've ever seen. Here are some photos from last month.That's Victor Pollan standing by his artistically designed fish display.

Salmon Boats/Rain/Skateboarding/Waves

I just went out and let the raindrops hit my face. We're parched out here in the west, and the smell and freshness and moisture and life of rain -- elixir! Just a few drops, but hopefully a hint of things to come. Us and fungi, we can only hope.
Sk8ing In The Park Got up early Sunday, went across the ever-beautiful Golden Gate Bridge, out to Ocean Beach in San Francisco. Latte, wi-fi, and, um, crumb donut at Java Beach Cafe, then parked and took the Fulton Street bus up to Arguello and met Joey O'Mahoney, 31-yr-old skateboard park designer from New Orleans who was in Bay Area to build a private skatepark -- his project in New Orleans is here: http://www.parisitediy.org/
It was a great way to visit. The park is closed to cars on Sundays and it's 2-1/2 miles of gentle downhills. I had my Loaded (Tesseract) longboard with Gorilla (v. fast) wheels and Joey on a shortboard with hard wheels, pumping like a madman to keep up, and doing jumps, slides, all manner or playfulness as we rolled and talked our way back to the beach.
The waves at ocean Beach were so big I didn't see any surfers out, 7:30 AM. The beach was more alive than I can ever remember. Waves pounding, misty fresh-smelling negative ion air -- charging up the chi of everyone on the beach. It's been a few weeks of good surf on the entire California coast. My ocean thermometer registered 62 degrees last week. Shades of LA…a few guys are surfing without wetsuits, yet.

Cedar/Copper Art by Godfrey Stephens

I'm printing contact sheets (ooops -- thumbnails) of recent photos and running across some interesting things like this, from my trip to British Columbia last month.
The book on Godfrey's art is just about out. I'll post details when it's available.