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Jonny Briggs' Timber Construction in UK

Hi Lloyd,
Just thought a few pictures of some bridges I've made in Scotland. Still getting loads of inspiration from your books!
Jonny Briggs
Check out Jonny's timber framing work at:

Mendo to Arcata

Now in the Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka, good burger, great draft ale, Ecuador playing France on TV…left Mendo around 10 AM, swam in the South Fork of the Eel River, was stunned by old growth redwoods…you just have to be there, to see them…words, photos can't convey the beauty, the power, of these majestic beings…hugging redwoods isn't lame at all…On my way to Arcata…

Redwood Mill in Cloverdale, Calif.

The Redwood Empire sawmill is where you turn off from Highway101 (north of Cloverdale) on Highway 128 to Boonville.

On the Road in Mendo

A great crowd at Gallery Bookshop in Mendocino last night for my Tiny Homes on the Move slideshow. In addition to the 50 or so mobile homes I showed, we talked about farming, building methods and materials, the '60s*, and building codes. I looked at the roomful of people -- we were all on the same page -- causing me to reflect on who are these people, who are "we?"
   Dwell magazine, bless its sterile heart, is the completely other side of the picture and, due to its popularity, I would guess our group is in the minority -- kind of like the book lovers in Fahrenhei 451. I've been trying to define the characteristics of our group. We believe in doing things with our own hands…natural materials…craftsmanship…working kitchens…solar heated water…colorful interiors…Feng shui…gardens, chickens, foraging. One of these days I'll write something about who we are. In the meantime, heh-heh, check out http://www.theshelterblog.com; this is the kind of stuff we like.
*I said to someone recently, "Well, the '60s happened in the '70s -- no actually, the '60s happened in the '60s and the '70s -- and she said, "The '60s are still happening." In many cases, being rediscovered.

From Yale to Investment Banking to Farming

"Roy Skeen is a 32-year-old farmer with a degree in history from Yale University.
   When he graduated in 2004, he moved to New York to work in investment banking, but he found the work unfulfilling.
    After a trip to the Caribbean, he discovered his true calling: farming.…"
Story by Laura Moss here.
Sent in by Anonymous, who wrote us: …"yet more young folks turning to farming..good stuff…"

Wilson Pickett - Don't Fight It

Don't Fight It by Wilson Pickett on Grooveshark
A great album: http://grooveshark.com/#!/album/The+Best+Of+Wilson+Pickett/380576

Trippin in a Teardrop/Coastal Dogs

"...we are out road tripping across the country in our tiny teardrop trailer home!"


From fowlgallery, Arcata, Calif.

Barn North of Pt. Arena Yesterday

TINY HOMES ON THE MOVE Slideshow Tonight Mendocino, Tomorrow Night, Arcata

I'm on the road this week:
Tonight: Gallery Bookshop, 319 Kasten St., Mendocino, Calif
Tomorrow night: Northtown Books, 957 H. St., Arcata, Calif.
I've got the slide show down now, by the 4th one it was going smoothly.
Will also be signing books.
Jeez, I feel like Bill Maher at the end of his show: "This Saturday I'll be at the Town Hall in Duluth…"

Hobbit House to be Knocked Down in Wales

"Lloyd; thought of you, when I came across this article online
My comment: this imaginative and hard working couple, Charlie and Megan, are practicing the solution to our housing crisis, by building their own home, cheaply and in a sustainable way, using traditional strategies. obviously, the only reason they didn't apply for "planning permission" is that they couldn't afford the tax. governments need to be helping young families with generous housing subsidies, not considering it another opportunity for a cash grab. sincerely, hope reason will win out and the Pembrokeshire Council will save face, by taking advantage of the Welsh Government "One Planet Development Policy" guidelines, to make it possible for the couple to keep their traditional family croft. all the best with your creative adventures in 2014.
happy trails, Stephen McPhail"

Hot Rod in Petaluma/The Bayonets - Whatcha Got

"You got a big car in the parking lot…":