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Night Scenes Manhattan May 28, 2014

I Can't Give You Anything But Love…

I went to the Broadway musical "After Midnight" last night and was it good! Music of Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, the '20s - '30s era of great music at The Cotton Club in Harlem. The play opened with a guy stepping on to the stage and talking…and it struck me that this was so REAL…no special effects, nothing digital, just real human beings. Not a YouTube video. Rare in this electronic age.
   It's just a spectacular show, old school all the way. If you could time-transport it to the '30s, the audience of those times would love it. Wonderful singing and dancing, non-stop, it's hard to believe the collection of talent here, the great songs. "Stormy Weather," "It Don't Mean A Thing, "Come Fly Away.” There were times during the dance numbers when the collective audience would gasp.

NYC Street Scenes

Lightweight bike trailer

Vocal Harmony, Washington Square

People just showed up, drifted in and were harmonizing to old Beatles, Dylan songs.

You Can Take the Boy Out of the City…

OK, those of you weary of my over-enthusiasm, or in general, averse to superlatives: skip the following.
   There is no city in the known universe that comes close to NYC. I'm staying in a small hotel in the old Village and right now having a latte and superlative breakfast wrap (eggs, cheese, sausage) in what is -- yes, sorry about this -- the coolest cafe I've ever been in. Grounded at 26 Jane Street, a couple of blocks from the hotel. Good colors, good Feng-shui (light pours in from street and skylight), greenery abounds, v. hip music, fast wi-fi, half the people here are on Mac laptops, everyone looks cool. No flakes.
   The hotel is in a 160-year-old building. I get to my 3rd-floor room up a steep flight of narrow steps (any steeper, it'd be a ladder). There are old nice quilts on the 2 beds. The windows open (unlike new hotels, where you are cut off from fresh air). Feels sort of like being in the attic of an old farm house. Traffic on street below, but it's not bad, and dies down at night.
   NYC is in one of it's very good moods. Weather balmy, fresh breezes off rivers, the sidewalk restaurants are full. When she's good, she's very, very good…
    There's something very intimate about dining out here; you're so close to people -- you hear everything they say. I often end up in conversations with other diners.
   I've got a lot of good photos. Trouble is, it takes a lot of time to process and get them out there.
Deja vu factor. In 1957 I spent the summer living in a $60-per-week room on Morton Street (1st trip to NYC),  working the 4PM to midnight shift in a Durkee shredded coconut factory in Queens…another story…

Urban Farming Yields Fresh Foods, Land Reuse

"In backyards and on once-barren city lots, local growers produce crops and livestock.
…"There's been tremendous growth in the number of urban farms in cities dealing with an excess of land and not enough people living [there],' said Anne Palmer of the Center for a Livable Future at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, and in 'any city where land is somewhat undervalued.'
That's one reason Baltimore and Detroit are hot spots. But beekeepers and community gardens are also proliferating in upscale neighborhoods, where there are long waiting lists of foodies and locavores for garden plots.
   Madison, Wisconsin, which last year issued 197 poultry permits, has already issued 178 for this year (with the year half over).…"
Click here.
From Anonymous

We Aren't The Only Ones Doing Mini Books

Click here.

Poppa's Got A Brand New Carry-on Bag

I've always had backpacks for airplane travel, eschewing suitcases and wheeled bags. I figured it was a good workout to have the weight on my shoulders, and I always walked up the stairs instead of using escalators, and never took the moving walkways. BUT on my last trip, I had so much weight, it wore me out. This time I got an Osprey rolling pack (with day pack, wheels, and shoulder straps), a new Da Kine day pack, and cut down on clothing as much as I could. Much improved.
   Even though I have a (11") MacAir laptop, a bunch of camera gear, couple of books, and on this trip, a digital projector, the weight is on wheels -- such a relief. Well, duh.
   Airports are stressful enough as it is. I'll get my workouts in other ways. The strap is for a fairly aerodynamic camera bag, in which I have my new Olympus OM5-D10 with 3 lenses -- gonna carry it in my city explorations here. The vest is a Columbia Omni-Shade -- lightweight, bunch of pockets Also, stealth vaping -- heh-heh -- works in airports.

One Hour of Surfing Glassy 10-foot Waves in San Diego

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "More Photos From the 2014 Maker Faire in San Mateo...":
Thought you might like this, Lloyd…
Time-Condensed Surf Video Captures An Entire Swell All At Once"