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Village of Tiny Homes For Homeless in Wisconsin

"Occupy Madison’s 'OM Build' initiative to create a sustainable village of “tiny homes” for the homeless got a big boost Tuesday.
   The Madison Common Council voted to amend the city's zoning code to allow tiny houses, like the single 96-square-foot trailer-mounted cottage Occupy Madison has constructed so far, to be set up on the property of churches and other non-profit organizations.
   Tents could also be set up on property owned by such groups, which would need to have a management plan for sleeping areas, restrooms and parking, under the amendment.…"
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Photo: Mike DeVries, The Capital Times

Kite Surfers Last Week at Waddell Creek

Greenough 17' Surfboat For Sale in BC

A surfer I know in BC is heading for the warmer waters of Baja and selling his Greenough surfboat (somewhat reluctantly). Built by Anderson Custom Boats. They're the Maseratis/Jaguars//Beamers/Teslas of surf boats, rare to find used these days. 27K or best offer. I told him I'd post it here. If you are interested, send me yr. email address, and I'll put you in touch with him. (Hoping someone buys it and I can hitch a ride once in a while--dis da bomb! Hey Santa Cruzeans, how about being able to zip down to Big Sur?)
 Here are some specs from him:
"-09 Suzuki…purchased/mounted/pdi/rig... http://www.sherwoodmarine.com
-09 trailrite trailer…made for hull
-inboard 60 gal tank
-teleflex steering w. tilt helm…
-needs seating…
-compass,nav light, gps, vhf…led deck lighting
-27K obo… If a person is real interested and serious I'm happy to work a deal…with delivery/mola etc..."

Moonset Last Week

Gallup poll: 58% of Americans support legal weed

Mark Frauenfelder, Oct 23, 2013 on Boing Boing here.

"The illegality of marijuana has enriched, empowered, and corrupted prison systems, police departments, local and national governments, militaries, liquor manufacturers, and intelligence agencies (not to mention criminal organizations). It has also branded hundreds of thousands of people (mostly minorities) as criminals, ruining their lives and the lives of their families. Despite a century-long propaganda campaign defending the destructive war on drugs, a recent Gallup poll shows that 58% of Americans favor legalizing it.…"

Tiny home built with recycled materials

"Music teacher Ben Hurst has no regrets about paring down his life to the bare necessities and moving into a less-than-200-square-foot house he built in the woods of Covington (Louisiana).…

Pare things down to the essentials: 'When you're trying to declutter your life, approach it like spring cleaning,' Hurst said. 'Make a Goodwill pile, a throw-away pile, a give-to-a-friend pile. And then wait a little while and then do it again and then again.'
Use multipurpose furniture and built-in fixtures: Hurst designed a pair of ottomans that can be pushed together to become a twin-sized bed and built an office nook out of an overhanging ledge off his sleeping loft.
Take a hard look at what you consider essential: 'When you go home every night, you eat in the same spot, watch TV in the same spot, sleep in the same spot. Once you have all those things covered, what else do you need?'"…
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Micro Gypsy Wagon Towed by Bike

"…It’s about 12 square feet of floor space which is actually a bed. I wanted something I could carry art supplies in as well as a fair amount of finished paintings.
   All storage is under the bed. Three removable panels under the sleeping pad, which folds, provide access to the art supplies, my clothes, and the galley.
   The bed can also be converted to a sitting space with a small table which can be used for dining or computer work. A table mounts on the side, as does the small sink, and the one burner camp stove sits on the table, which doubles as counter space for preparing meals.
   About 80% of the materials I used are recycled and repurposed. The aluminum that makes up the chassis and framing for the port-side wall came from an old broken pop-up craft fair booth, as did most of the screws and bolts.…"
From Tiny House Talk here.
(We're starting on the overflow from Tiny Homes on the Move.)
Sent by Rick Gordon

Dolphins and Whales and Birds, Oh My!

Thursday morning I went surfing at Pleasure Point, or rather, paddling. These years, I've  been somewhat intimidated going out anywhere in Santa Cruz. So many surfers scrambling for each wave, and moi is slow getting up. There's always someone either in front of me (I'm afraid I'll run them over) or behind me (cardinal sin is blocking right-of-way of surfer-in-curl), so I back off on most waves. I got one kinda mediocre one.
   BUT it was a most beautiful morning, sun shining, water way warmer than up here in NorCal, glassy in the kelp beds, ocean glittering, sky deep blue, guys were friendly, who's gonna complain? I've got 2 grandsons down there now, so I'm going down more often, going to start working my way back into the SC surf scene.
   Surf Matts, Boogie Boards, Wave Skis Nary a one in sight at any of the major spots. Unwritten SC code: no mats or boogies at the Hook, Lane, Outside Pleasure Point, etc. I can understand this. Much less skill needed to ride these, they could clog the waves, so these guys go out only at shore break spots like 26th Ave., Little Wind 'N Sea, 17th Ave. cove. Whereas at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, there are so many breaks that matt surfers or boogie boarders can take off without impinging on board surfers.
Dolphins My friend Betty and I went to visit a friend Friday morning, whose house looks out on the full ocean and I have never seen anything like it: dozens of groups of dolphins swimming and leaping all over the place. There were whales spouting plumes of water and jumping. Big balls of birds, pelicans dive bombing for anchovies. Apparently the anchovies and/or herring have risen to the surface and have been pushed in towards shore, and  the fish come after them and the dolphins after the fish -- a feeding frenzy. We were all transfixed. It made me so happy to see this exuberant ocean life. Here's a case of the Good New Days. Nothing like this in SC back in the Golden '50s.
Music and Late Night Creek Dip Many is the time I've stopped in at The 4th Street Tavern in San Rafael on my way home at night and lucked into good music. Friday it was The Way Far Brothers. There were less than 10 people in the bar, and these guys were good! Nothing like up-close live music.

On the way home, I stopped off at "my" creek pool and got under the waterfall. Full moon. Water not bad. Instant shot of energy, never fails. Shot this picture of the fog coming in from the ocean.

Mother Earth News' Natural Builders and Green Homes Directory

Mother Earth News is just starting this up. TMEN has something like half a million copies out per month, so this could be a good way for natural builders to get local work.
"If you are a natural or green builder, please add yourself to the map. The map is for anyone who builds green homes, such as passive solar homes, or builds using straw bale, cob, cordwood, timber frames, logs, earthbags, or other natural materials.…"
Click here.

Spoonfest, Derbyshire, UK

From Robin Wood, who wrote:
"I thought you might like this film of 200 people in a field sharing the love of carving wooden spoons. Nicely shot and edited for us by a fellow spoon nut Sophie.…"

1928 Dodge/Cabin Camper

"…These are the wandering writers June and Farrar Burn and their sons North and South in their homemade camper in 1928."
Photo from Shorpy here. Sent in by Anonymous.

June's book Living High is listed in the upcoming Tiny Homes on the Move bibliography.
For details about their wonderful lives, including homesteading on an island in BC, see The Skaggit River Journal here.