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Daily Flash - Home For Sale in Detroit, $10,000

I can't tell if this will actually sell for that little, but check out prices for houses in Detroit here.

Sea Lion Jumped Aboard Godfrey's Sailboat in SoCal Waters, 1980s

In putting together two pages on Godfrey Stephen's little sailboat for Tiny Homes On the Move, I came across this photo (in the 600+ photos he has sent me over the years), and asked him about it. This happened in the '80s, when he was sailing down the Pacific Coast for Mexico.
Lloyd, after leaving Avalon, Santa Catalina…I anchored for the night off Dana Point.… Under way early in the madrugada (way way more beautiful a word for dawn), this little Merbeing, after several attempts, came bashing with a huge splat right under the safety pipe rails onto the steel deck. I raced  below looking for the camera, wood stove going, coffee on the make, self steering set, (my sailboat) s/v Mungo sliding toward San Diego. In the noise of looking for the camera, this creature (later told is a stellar sea lion by its ears ) found her way to the top of the hard dodger.
   On stepping into the cockpit, what greeted me was a growl and very bad breath!  After a while shooing her away because, if the boat jibed, the mains'l boom would have clocked her. Chasing her flopping up the deck to the starboard bow. She started sleeping. I stroked her incredibly soft fur.  Nothing to feed her.
   In the quiet of sailing, I could could feel her heart beat (faintly echoing) in the metal deck. She slipped silently over the side just off the Scripps Institute—amazing. Suddenly I felt so incredibly alone.

The Gospel Challengers: "The Storm Is Passing Over"

Touring Normandy With Cow Power

Hello Lloyd,
Some people drive horse drawn wagons... but this way of travelling is still too fast for Thomas and Laurent!
   Therefore, the two friends set out on an unusual adventure : going on tour with two lovely Normandy cows!
Thomas ''Carabistouille'' is a storyteller who is used to travelling with his gypsy caravan. Laurent Legal is an experienced teamster who works with a yoke of oxen: plowing, hauling logs out of forests... I met them some years ago when they created a Bovine Show called ''The Boeufbylette:'' it was a funny collection of vintage motorcycles drawn by ''Sergent'' and ''Major," two peaceful and sturdy oxen from a local rustic breed. Riding on that incredible trailer was great fun!
   In April, Thomas and Laurent set off again with their caravan and their henhouse-on-wheels for a storytelling tour in Western France.

Daily Flash - Turning Off Seat Belt Warning Bells

I got a ton of comments to my post of a few weeks ago about turning off automobile warning bells. Lew was able to turn off his Ford's bells by following instructions in the user manual (as had been suggested in a comment). A few days later he came up with the “seat belt extender,” which I ordered and installed— voila!~and it works! So great to not be nagged by bells.
   I do buckle up, but  when I want to, and if I'm going to drive 10 mph going downtown, I sometimes don't use the seat belt—irresponsible, I know.
   Click here for the link to the extender for Honda Fits. Click here for link to seat belt extenders in general. The only caveat is that you have to depend upon the extender to be strong enough to not disconnect in an accident.
    Now to figure out the keys-in-ignition/door-open bells, which I believe is more difficult.

Parkour -- Flying Through the Woods

Sent us by Mike W. Note: Mike has sent us so many great posts, I'm making a "Mike W" label on posts  (so you can click on it in "Topics" and see all the posts from now on).  For his previous posts, do a search for "Mike W" in the box at top left.

Daily Flash - Gospel - Jesus Dropped the Charges - The O'Neal Twins

"…Jesus dropped the charges,
now I'm free down in my soul."

What away to start the day!

From Rick Gordon

Daily Flash Music Foggy Monday - Roy Rogers - Holy Ghost Moan

Working on Tiny Homes on the Move this morning, with this playing. Right now. We're up to about 200 of the 224 pages. Going to make final push.

11 - Holy Ghost Moan by Roy Rogers on Grooveshark

77-year-old Wooden Sailboat Wins Transpac Race

"…Dorade, considered the forebear of modern ocean racing yachts, won the 2,225-nautical-mile Transpac race from Los Angeles to Honolulu in 1936. And 77 years later, the slender white hull with tall spruce masts rolled to victory again, beating the most modern carbon-fiber ocean racers to win its division and the overall King Kalakaua Trophy.…"
  New York Times article here by Chris Museler, July 25, 2013

Daily Flash -- Beach Art Yesterday

Tiny Tea House on Wheels

"The “Tea Room” with shoji screens, (3) tatami mats, a sunken tea warming hearth, Japanese style tub, two pull out drawers for storage under the raised floor, a “guest” entry door, an honoring alcove, and a traditional tea serving chest. We choose to use black walnut accent wood around the guest entry door, loft edge trim, alcove slabs and ladder catch. This allowed us to express the stark contrast against the knotty pine walls.…"
From Oregon Cottage Company here.