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World Travels in Renault 4 CV

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Photos of 5 Minicars":

"My favorite is the 'Renault 4 CV'.' My parents bought a secondhand model with their savings in 1960 - our first car - unfortunately, they didn't have enough money to pay an insurance policy and the car remained unused for some months... my sister and I spent hours in it, playing imaginery drivers & travellers ! the 4 CV was the first popular post-war car - very tiny but we loved it. When we left for holidays, it was crammed full - a funny and exciting expedition.
   Steven Weinberg travels all around the world with his vintage Renault 4 CV (a new adventure is coming soon). Pictures of his travel in USA here."

The Library at Hearst Castle, California

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Making Wooden Spoons

A year or so ago I got knocked to the ground by an oak log  that I was cutting up for firewood. It rolled down a steep hill and sideswiped me, cracked a rib etc. Months later I took a piece of the wood up to my friend Louie's and we milled out a couple of 1" thick, maybe 10" X 14" pieces on his big band saw. I thought I'd make a little box, since I had a special relation with that tree, but recently decided to make a spoon.
   Posted the spoon (embarrassingly amateurish) on my blog (here) and got some great feedback, including a comment by Richard, whose blog 52 Spoons (here), got me inspired to get more into spoon making (spoon at left by Richard).
    I'm crazy about spoon making. Perfect for me, since I'm not a finely-crafted carpenter type. I like the eyeballing-it process. I keep wandering out from the computer to the shop and chopping on different pieces of wood with my new Roselli hatchet. It's one of those tools that opens up new horizons -- holy shit, is this fun! Also an antidote to spending too much time at a keyboard. Get those hands working at something physical.
  When I get farther along I'll write something about what I've learned, but for now here are some links from early research:

Porch Made From Pallet Wood

"…The planning stage is my favorite part of any project, and this porch was no exception: I thought about an upgrade for some years before we finally decided how we wanted to fix it. When someone gave us a slue of pallets, we had our solution: Fix the porch with pallet wood. Most folks, when they first see our pallet-wood porch, think we just laid whole pallets on the porch. Well, no, that's not how it happened: My husband laboriously and patiently took the pallets apart and de-nailed the boards. Then he planed them.…"

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1934 McQuay-Norris Tear Drop Test Car

Photo here.
Info here.

Downsizing With Tiny Homes

"…The beginning of the real estate downturn was one of the biggest catalysts behind the small home movement, says Michael Janzen of Tiny House Design. People began facing the challenges they had in housing and affording houses.
   'A lot of people who are retired are looking at tiny homes as a way to downsize,” he said. 'Younger people are interested in it as a way to get a foothold on homeownership, and a lot of people like the environmental aspect.'
   And, adds Janzen, not only do smaller homes cost less, you can also build a tiny home yourself. 'It’s an empowering movement,' he said.…
   While there are resources and plans to build your own tiny home, it’s also possible to buy one currently on the market.
   Above: Updated cottage: 2444 3rd Ave N, St Petersburg, $74,900. 560 square feet Although it measures less than 600 square feet, this St. Petersburg home makes enough room for 2 bedrooms and a bath. The home is move-in ready with recent updates, including renovations to the kitchen and bathroom."
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52 Cars From Concours d'Elegance Shows

From Godfrey Stephens -- Click here.

Jay Nelson's Latest Camper Shell

Hey lloyd
Was going surfing Last weekend and I pull up to my usual lookout spot and low and behold parked right there was this crazy truck/rv thing and could tell by the style who build the thing. Thought u might enjoy the pics.
Taylor (Goates)

(This is Jay Nelson's latest vehicle. Several of his creations were featured in Tiny Homes.)

Micro Cabins of Recycled Lumber by Charles Finn

From yesterday's Oregon Live, one of Charles Finn's cabins on wheels.
"The cabins' size, he says, is chosen for ease of transport. The cabins can be left on the trailer or moved onto a foundation. The fully insulated cabins are equipped with, among other things, a wood stove for heating and a two-burner propane stove for cooking, and a pair of oil lamps. Doors and windows are reclaimed or handmade; the metal roof has a skylight, and the interiors are all wood, "of mixed species," he says.
   They have neither electricity nor running water. He writes, "And trust me on this, you won't miss them. In fact, you will come to relish not having them. Hang out on even one snowy night with the wood fire going and oil lamps burning and you'll see what I mean."
   The price varies, but he gives a ballpark figure of about $14,000, not including the trailer.…"

Charles' work was included in Tiny Homes (pp. 174-75). His website here.

"Always with 100% Reclaimed Lumber​ from Heritage Timber"

Photos of 5 Minicars

"1960 Fiat Multipla
The Volkswagen Microbus, Austin Mini and the original Dodge Caravan have all been hailed as revolutions in automotive packaging. But it was the Multipla that crammed the most people into the least space. Less than 12' long, it seated 6. Captain chairs, cup holders and DVD players were not part of the package, but extreme claustrophobia was standard equipment. Sold for $66,125."
Credit: Darin Schnabel/RM Auctions
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NorCal Beach Graffiti #7

Wetsuits For Mini Surfers

Late Friday afternoon, I spotted these 2 little kids on the beach: Levi, age 18 months and Tyler, age 5. Parents are Chris and Allison Coolidge. They were sitting so the water would come in and get them wet. I didn't know they made wetsuits this small. Look at Levi: gremlin in the making…

NorCal Driftwood Beach Sculpture

Pomegranate Pentagonality

Never noticed the pattern of seeds before…

Birdbath at Dusk

Aviator Wing Desk

Inspired by streamlined World War II fighter planes, our desk is a shining swoop of metal, its shape mimicking the bent wing of a plane. Poised as if for take-off, it features a polished aluminum patchwork exterior accented with steel screws, built around a solid hardwood frame. 3 canvas-lined shelves offer ample storage."
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